Celebrating JOMAR Women

The reason why we can celebrate JOMAR Natural Skincare today is because of the collaboration of some amazing women! Thanks to our mutual admiration for each other and entrepreneurship, we ended up with a success story that we are deeply passionate about.

When these two ladies agreed to support me on this new journey, I don’t think any of us really knew what it would take to make this dream come true. And we certainly did not realise that we will be interrupted by a nationwide lockdown. When I initially approached them, I was excited about my plan, but a little bit apprehensive as to whether it could really work. But when we teamed up, I knew that this was going to be a huge success, even if it was just the experience that we gained from this journey. Their excitement was contagious and gave me confidence to proceed.

Even though they worked on Jomar on a consultation basis, and were juggling mom-life and a corporate day job, their commitment and dedication were relentless, and their quality of work was exquisite and a prime example of perfection. Early mornings, late nights, weekends, does not matter what it took but no deadline was ever missed.

It was an incredible experience to work with these ladies. I absolutely admire them and have the utmost respect for their work ethics, passion for what they do, humbleness and determination not to ever give up.

THE BRAIN: Elza Human, highly sought-after Marketing Consultant. I'm so honoured that she even considered taking on this “baby” project considering her professional work repertoire. She is the creative thinker, the project leader, the clever one with practical solutions. She sets the goals, gave us a plan to reach them and kept us on track. She comes with a wealth of experience and ideas and I was incredibly fortunate to have her on this project. She understood my heart and was able to translate my thoughts, dreams and ideas into a sensible plan.
Should your business ever be in need of a Marketing Consultant and Project Leader, I can highly recommend the professional service of Elza. Find out more about her on her Linkedin profile.

THE ARTIST: Angelique de Vries, Senior Graphic Designer. When she speaks she sounds like an angel. She is gracious, kind, calm and talented! She never objected or got annoyed with the “client” who changes her mind all the time. Her attention to detail and level of skill speaks for itself in the Jomar creative work. She created this unique, signature personality for JOMAR which makes me so happy every time I look at it!

Have a look at Angelique’s portfolio on instagram: missfancy_design

But this is not all it took. There were more women needed to carry me through this entire process and who helped me to see it through till the end.

A huge appreciation goes out to all the ladies who shared in my dream and excitement:

THE CHEERLEADER’S: Elna, Marlene, Gretha, Jacqui, Debbie

PRAYER BUDDIES: Riekie, Marise, Sulene, Magriet, Gerda

SERVICE PROVIDERS: Nikkie Fivaz Photography (lifestyle and styled product images); Jana Engelbrecht Photography (pack shots); Maryke from M2H Project (accounting)

Then, the lady who had the biggest impact in my life and who raised me to be the woman I am today, my mother!

When I was unsure, they gave me confidence
When I thought of giving up, they gave me hope
When I ran out of ideas, they came with creative solutions
When I felt lost, they gave me direction
They made me feel safe and they really did give me wings
How can I ever say thank you enough to each and every lady who supported me and who played a pivotal role in my biggest dream ever!

Love you,

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