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"Finally - I found the perfect product for my babies!

Are you even a real mommy if you have not tried and tested every product under the sun to make sure you are using the ultimate best option for your little one?

With so many product ranges to choose from out there, you never know if you are making the right choice or if spending money is going to be worth it!

As a mom of two little boys, I wish I had JOMAR in my life when my little Noah was born. (Now two and a half years old). He had super sensitive skin and bad cradle cap from being born late preterm (34 weeks) and I just could not find any product that was soft enough for sensitive skin but still smelt like love. Most of the newborn friendly products are either completely scentless or still smell too strong.

When Felicia contacted me to try out the JOMAR skin care range I was a bit nervous at first. Reason being that my little Hayes (now 8 months old) was suffering with a bit of eczema. To my surprise, the entire range blew me away. Starting with the attention to detail on the packaging, from the lovely ingredients used in the products, to the relaxing and earthy smells and most importantly the quality and textures of each and every product were just perfect. 

After using the products for two weeks I noticed that Hayes no longer had eczema and dry spots on his tummy. I absolutely love the fact that I can use the products on both my boys despite them being two years apart and having such a large variety of products in their range - means I can stick to one brand for the majority of their toiletries.

We have now made JOMAR skin care a part of our daily routine. Not only does the smells create such a beautifully calm atmosphere in the evenings, this mama bear even finds herself using the products personally!

I'd love to share our favourite products with you, starting with the Decongesting Bath Oil. The boys have been tag teaming the sniffles the past couple months and I always struggled to find something that can be used safely for both boys. Other than the gorgeous smell, what I love most about the oil is that it has multiple uses. A few drops in the bath works wonders, but the fact that you can use it in the humidifier or rub it directly on the skin makes it the ultimate winner.

I was also blown away by the Repairing Balm Oil - the texture especially I found to be so unique and so smooth once applied! You only need a tiny scrape and once you rub it into the skin it really softens and turns into this really stunning smooth jelly like feel.

Every evening we alternate between Caring Cream Wash & the Gentle Hair and Body wash - both are so lovely in their own ways. I would not be able to pick one specifically. I love that the one can be used for both hair and body (still adding moisture to the hair). The boys have super curly hair, so finding a dual wash that still does a proper job is awesome!

The Calming Rescue Gel is also one of my faves. With so many benefits and options for use it’s honestly such a handy product to have. This evening I actually found myself using it three times for different uses. Noah came back from playing outside covered in scratches and bruises and was just a bit wild, the gel instantly soothed him out! I personally used it for my legs after having itchy skin from using the wrong razor when shaving and it helped me too! I tend to alternate the Rescue Gel and the Caring Body Lotion in the evenings after bath time depending on the mood! 

Last but not least I have to mention the Multi-purpose Sani Spray! With the world covered in germs at the moment I use the spray for toys, surfaces when we have been out and go grocery shopping. Best part about the spray is instead of leaving your hands feeling gross and stripped of all its natural moisture, the sanitiser seems to make our hands softer and cleaner than the others with a super natural smell that is not too overwhelming for the kids!

I would highly recommend JOMAR products as well as the overall brand to anyone! I can honestly vouch for it’s quality and consistency across the board! So excited to see this brand blow up across the globe - I see big and beautiful things coming! Thank you for your professionalism and genuine passion x" 

By: Bianca Bonarius. Follow her @mamabear_bee_and_her_boys

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