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As we come to understand the interconnectedness of our wellbeing, a move to clean beauty products is inevitable. The clean beauty philosophy allows us to be thoughtful both about our health and our impact on the environment. It ensures that ingredients are responsibly chosen based on their safety and efficiency, as well as their environmental impact.

Clean beauty is a popular topic of discussion online. Amidst diverse opinions, it is important to remember why the clean beauty movement began. Let’s look at the main reasons to consider clean beauty.

1. Daily Exposure

Food, skincare and medication expose us to numerous chemicals each day. This accumulative exposure leads to a phenomenon known as toxic load. That means even ingredients that are deemed safe may become harmful or cause sensitization if use exceeds recommended exposure limits.

Natural, plant-derived ingredients reduce the risk of toxic load. These ingredients contain fewer chemical by-products known to cause skin reactions.

For this reason, Jomar products use plant-based ingredients with a proven safety track record. Products are designed to be simplistic and results driven. We chose each ingredient to serve a purpose and to contribute to the formulation effectivity.

2. Unadulterated Ingredients

Ingredients used in traditional skincare are often refined to ensure each batch looks and smells the same. The refining process can introduce harmful by-products or can damage naturally beneficial components. Natural ingredients undergo less refining and trade consistency in colour and smell to preserve product integrity. Thus, constituents such as vitamins and antioxidants remain intact for a longer period.

Wherever possible, Jomar strives to use ingredients in their purest form.

3. Conscious Living

Conscious living involves making better choices regarding your health, society and the environment. A more purposeful lifestyle means using products that can enforce these choices. Natural products allow you to align your purchasing habits with your personal values.

Compared to synthetic ingredients, natural ingredients require less processing during manufacture which leads to reduced energy consumption and fewer harmful by-products. By-products and synthetic ingredients may be persistent and accumulative in nature. Meaning they build-up and contaminate water and soil over time, potentially devastating ecosystems.

The rising popularity of natural ingredients has sparked many programs that support local communities. Such initiatives develop communities and extend the value chain to the farmer. They support sustainable growing and harvesting practices and promote the cultivation of indigenous plant species.

Our natural, plant-based ingredients have undergone as little processing as possible. To further preserve energy, we opt for low-impact manufacturing methods where possible. We support suppliers who source ingredients from local communities adhering to sustainable practices.

At Jomar, clean beauty means that our products are free from known harmful ingredients. We avoid the use of synthetic fragrances, parabens, dyes, phthalates, petroleum-based products, sulfate-based surfactants and silicone.
Clean beauty products are the only option when choosing skincare products for mothers and little ones. Jomar was created with wellbeing in mind, to offer healthy, safe, thoughtful, and responsible products for total peace of mind for the whole family.

The JOMAR development team

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